Toshiba Introduces 40TL868 & 46TL868 Active-Shutter 3D LED TVs

Toshiba Introduces 40TL868 & 46TL868 Active-Shutter 3D LED TVs

When it comes to 3D TVs, Toshiba has been banking on their Regza WL and ZL series to challenge the competition over the past few months. Help is on the way, no doubt, with Toshiba's recent insertion of the TL868 active-shutter model available in 40 and 46 inch variations. 

Unlike the current flagship ZL800 which carries direct LED backlights, the new TL-series will be equipped with edge LEDs instead to preserve the TV's slim profile and energy efficiency capabilities. Some hardware specs of the TL868 display include a 200Hz motion-compensated frame interpolation (MCFI) feature, four HDMI inlets and an integrated digital tuner. There's also a chance they might be equipped with S-PVA panels as well. Toshiba isn't in the dark in terms of Internet-connected apps too. Consumers can expect the Regza TL868 to be loaded with the Toshiba Places platform. 

Unfortunately, it is still uncertain if Toshiba's new TL range (and the upcoming glasses-free 3D 55ZL2 model) will find their way to Asia. Specific release dates and retail prices for the UK market are yet unknown, although the 55-inch ZL2 should arrive sometime in December according to HDTVtest.

Source: HDTVtest 

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