TomTom Introduces GO and Via Products

Keeping Singapore Drivers in the Fast Lane

New GO and Via ranges offer smarter, safer and effortless driving: the fastest way, any time of day

SINGAPORE - TomTom today announced the arrival of five new products in Singapore with the introduction of the TomTom Via range and new TomTom GO models.

With the latest in design, hardware, and software - including TomTom’s industry-leading IQ Routes, the new models deliver unrivalled navigation. For Singaporeans, the units also allow for easy travel across South-East Asia as they come complete with maps of Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

TomTom’s unique IQ Routes technology allows everyone to drive like a local. Rather than rely on static maximum road speeds, TomTom IQ Routes uses real road speed information contributed by TomTom drivers to consider all possible routes and select the fastest path. This often results in a different and faster route, saving significant travel time as well as money and fuel. IQ Routes sends drivers the fastest way, any time of day.

The new TomTom GO

The new TomTom GO series includes the TomTom GO 2050 and TomTom GO 2050 World. The premium TomTom GO 2050 series features an intuitive design with its large 5” Fluid Touch screen that allows users to pinch to zoom in and out of maps, or to scroll through menus with the tip of a finger. The screen responds intelligently and sensitively to even the lightest touch. Screen clarity and brightness also give drivers a crystal clear view of the map. A superb speaker on the GO 2050 series provides outstanding audio output and delivers crisp, clear voice instructions.

For a quick start to any journey, the GO 2050 series feature TomTom’s unique Easy Click magnetic mount, which makes docking and undocking easier than ever – even with just one hand.

The TomTom GO 2050 World allows seamless navigation across 66 countries; featuring maps of South-East Asia as well as Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America, and major towns and cities of Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and Zambia.

Introducing TomTom Via

The TomTom Via range features the best of TomTom’s navigation heritage; with TomTom’s best and latest maps, pre-installed Safety Cameras, IQ Routes, Voice Control (Via 260 and 280) and a multitude of other navigation smarts. Launching in Singapore for the first time, the TomTom Via range delivers a brand new software package with an even easier-to-use user interface as well as Bluetooth hands free calling, making this premium GPS feature accessible to more Singaporean drivers. The TomTom Via 220 and Via 260 feature a 4.3” touch screen, while the TomTom Via 280 features a 5” touch screen.

The TomTom Advantages

Superior Maps

  • All TomTom GO and Via models contain the latest maps of South-East Asia covering seven countries including: Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Road networks change on average 15% per year. As the mapping experts, TomTom provides the best method to ensure that you always drive with the best map. TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee ensures that if a new map becomes available within 90 days of first use, users can download the latest map free of charge. Also, a bonus 12-month Map Update Service guarantees users get four bonus maps free of charge in the first year of use. TomTom releases four maps each year in February, May, August and November, ensuring TomTom drivers can always have the latest map.
  • TomTom Map Share allows users to make local map changes instantly and directly on their device.

Best Directions

  • Rather than rely on static maximum road speeds, TomTom IQ Routes uses speed profiles contributed by TomTom drivers (which give a detailed view of road speeds every minute of the day, every day of the year) to find the fastest way, any time of day.
  • Spoken street names to make turns even clearer
  • Park Assist helps drivers locate the closest parking station to their destination, minimising travel times.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance clearly shows which lane to take at junctions with photo realistic junction views keeping drivers relaxed and safe. On the most difficult highway intersections, a realistic 3D representation of the junction ensures drivers won’t miss a turn.


  • Many of TomTom’s new models2 feature Bluetooth hands free calling, enabling drivers to keep focussed on the road ahead.
  • Voice Control (in UK British) on most of TomTom’s new devices lets drivers control their TomTom device using voice commands. From planning a route to making a call, over 150 tasks are easily activated by voice, making for smoother and safer driving.
  • TomTom’s Help me! Emergency Menu gives easy access to useful local emergency service information from hospitals to breakdown service numbers when on the road.
  • Pre-installed TomTom Safety Cameras TomTom Safety Cameras gives advanced warning of fixed safety cameras.

Ease of Use

  • In the TomTom Via models, the Orientation Sensor within the device paired with the brand new fully integrated flip screen mount allows the driver to mount the device to the dashboard the correct way up, every time. The devices also feature a convenient foldaway mount that is integrated with the device, assuring it is always there when needed.
  • For a quick start to any journey, the GO 2050 series feature TomTom’s Easy Click magnetic mount, which makes docking and undocking easier than ever – even with just one hand. In fact, simply holding the device against the mount glides the TomTom GO 2050 World or GO 2050 quickly into place.
  • Plug & go works straight out of the box
  • Intuitive touch screen menu
  • Future proofed with free My TomTom software

Pricing and Availability

The new TomTom GO and Via ranges are available at SITEX 2011 from 24 November to 27 November, and all major consumer electronics retailers across Singapore. Recommended retail prices are as follows:

TomTom Via 220 S$199

TomTom Via 260 S$239

TomTom Via 280 S$279

TomTom GO 2050 S$399

TomTom GO 2050 World S$479

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