Tivoli Introduces New Audio Model One Frost White Collection

Tivoli Audio Announces New Frost White Collection to Model One Series

Introducing the New Tivoli Audio Model One Frost White Collection. With a pure white high gloss cabinet, vibrant faceplate and silver knobs, these new colors make for great collector’s items.

Where performance and simplicity are paramount but space is sparse, the Model One mono table radio fits the bill. With just three knobs, it is the antithesis of today’s ever more com-plex electronic products. But behind the Model One’s simple appearance hides a multitude of technology, facilitating higher sound reproduction and better reception over anything else near it in size or cost.

Inside we use a discrete-component FM tuner with GaAs MES-FET mixers originally developed for cellular phones, resulting in improved FM reception. Acoustically speaking, Tivoli Audio’s equalization and voicing gives the Model One a sound much richer and larger than its footprint. Sometimes the simplest things in life can also be the most pleasurable.

Like all Tivoli Audio products, the Model One AM/FM table radio is compatible with iPod and other players.

The New Tivoli Audio Model One Frost White Collection comes in 5 color choices: Frost White/Kelly Green, Frost White/Ember Red, Frost White/Sunflower Yellow, Frost White/Atlantic Blue and Frost White/Snow White. The Model One Frost White Collection is currently available at our new Tivoli Audio Showroom at Shaw Towers (Beach Road) or at distinctive Tivoli Audio retail stores in Singapore.

The recommended retail price for the Model One® AM/FM Table Radio - Frost White Collection is SGD$330.00. It is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Company can be reached on the web at (Global) or locally at

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