Thuraya Launches Dual-Mode Satellite and GSM Phone

Thuraya Launches Dual-Mode Satellite and GSM Phone

Thuraya launched a dual mode handheld phone that features both GSM and satellite capabilities, providing consumers with the flexibility and freedom to switch between GSM and satellite modes wherever they may be located.

As the successor to Thuraya's previous XT satellite phone, the Thuraya XT-Dual also takes a cue from its predecessor with its rugged properties. This means the XT-Dual comes with an IP64/IK03 rating, which makes it water, dust and impact resistant.

Similar to the XT phone, when the antenna of the handheld is stowed, satellite calls can still be received due to a High-Penetration-Alerting function. The XT-DUAL offers a GPS functionality that allows waypoint navigation, tracking capabilities to send automatic location updates by SMS as well as an emergency function.

In addition to the built-in web browser, the phone can be connected to a laptop/PC for internet access and can be synchronized with a laptop/PC. According to Thuraya, the company has roaming agreements with 324 operators covering 154 countries to link up the XT-Dual.

Pricing of the Thuraya XT-Dual is dependent on the distributors, and a full listing of the distributors can be found here.

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