Three New Features for a More Social Google Search

Three New Features for a More Social Google Search

Google has introduced three new features to its search algorithms in order to make the results more accurate. With social media usage rampant, these features will address how content from Google's own social network platforms, such as Google+, will be incorporated into search results.

The first addition is "Personal Results", whereby any search query will also be applied to your Google+ account and any other Google services you might use (for eg: Picasa). Not only will you be able to find generic results, Google will also supply you with information that matches your query that you or your friends might have posted online. 

"Profiles in Search" allows you to call up Google+ pages and profiles directly from the search bar. Finally, the  "People and Pages" feature shows you content related on Google+ that matches your search criteria. In short, the Google search bar can now be used to sift through Google+ in a much more thorough and complete manner.

From the new measures, it can be seen that Google is trying to spur activity on their social media platform. Obviously, a thriving online community will make the network more popular to newcomers as well. However, if you do not buy into the social media scene, there is a handy toggle switch on the top right hand side to disable the personalized searchf.

Source: Google Blog via Arstechnica

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