There Can Only Be One Aluminium Ultra-thin Notebook

There Can Only Be One Aluminium Ultra-thin Notebook

Magnesium-aluminium, the current darling of the tech industry is in devastatingly short supply because the two main players, Taiwan based Catcher Technology and Foxconn Technology are already supplying for Apple.

Apple uses the tough and lightweight material in almost all their products, which have been flying off the shelves in recent years, and doesn't look like it is slowing down any time soon.

According to a report by TechCrunch, via Digitimes, Intel and other notebook manufacturers are looking into using other types of materials to replace the use of (the very sexy) magnesium-aluminium.

One of the materials that they are looking at is fiberglass. The supposed merits of fiberglass is that it is just as tough, light-weight and very price competitive, allowing the ultra-books to keep within their promised price range of under US$1000.

Frankly, if all ultra-thin notebooks are made of aluminium, it would get pretty boring for consumers. We would love to see some fiber-glass ultra-slim machines as soon as possible, because if they can be used on high performance cars and boats, they can surely be used on high performance notebooks.

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