Tekken 3 Spotted on HTC HD2

Tekken 3 Spotted on HTC HD2

Ok, if you plonked out a huge wad of cash on the HTC HD2, and left with no budget for a portable gaming console, guess what? You can get Tekken 3 on the HD2 too. Apparently, the PSX emulator known as First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE (FPSECE) has shown its capability to run Tekken 3 at full speed on the Snapdragon powered Windows Mobile device.

Engadget - Not much to say here other than there's a PlayStation emulator for the HD2 and it bloody well works! The original gangster of consoles, already emulated on other WinMo devices such as Toshiba's TG01, has made its way to HTC's finest thanks to version 0.10 of the First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE.


But hey, really, as our of our readers said, "And just how fun do you think this will be without a D-pad?", which has a whole gob of truth laid out in that statement. Looking at how this guy is fervently swiping the screen just to move and attack, it's going to be an uphill task to defeat your opponent.

Still, for the sheer geek factor, you should check out the full story here.

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