Tegra 2 3D Information Leaked

Tegra 2 3D Information Leaked

It would seem someone at NVIDIA is either leak friendly or is trying to drum up some hype for the company. Slides revealing the next version of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 platform have been leaked and they show something pretty interesting - 3D support and a bump in the processor speed. That's right, the newer chips will go up 1.2GHz, and have native 3D support for 3D display. Even better, the new Tegra 2 will be released in Q1, which means it's not too far a wait for devices (tablets) with 3D capabilities! - A deep throat has leaked an image of Nvidia's Mobile World Congress presentation to TechEye - giving a glimpse of what the jolly green goblin has in store for punters and handset makers this year.

Nvidia will be shipping a Tegra 2 3D processor this year, intended for use in mobile gadgets featuring a 3D screen. The new Tegra 2 3D will be based on a Dual Cortex A9 clocked at up to 1.2 GHz, offering 5520 MIPS. According to the slide, Nvidia will start churning them out some time in the first quarter.

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