TC-Helicon Announces VoiceJam App

TC-Helicon Announces VoiceJam App

TC-Helicon today announces the VoiceJam app – a powerful iPhone, iPod and iPad app for creating music whilst on the move. The application provides an intuitive live performance interface allowing musicians of all abilities to record, loop, and layer sound to create a complete musical composition. The track can be instantly uploaded to the SoundCloud platform to share over social networks or embedded into webpages.

VoiceJam uses the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch 4th Generation’s built in microphone, or any Apple certified external microphone, to record and layer sound onto an evolving loop. Loops are evolved by layering new audio ideas in sync with older ideas that gradually fade away. Without the need for musical instruments, sheet music or complicated recording software, VoiceJam is a one-of-a-kind tool allowing anyone to create an entire song from scratch.

VoiceJam has its very own audio narrated tutorial which provides a step-by-step guide, giving real-time interactive demonstrations of how to start jamming with VoiceJam’s intuitive and creative interface. VoiceJam also has its own ‘performance recorder’ where everything coming into the microphone and all looping actions are recorded and saved to an exportable audio recording. Performance recordings can be uploaded to the popular SoundCloud online music network for the whole world to enjoy.


  • Universal app with full-screen iPad support
  • Audio step by step tutorial to take users through all the features
  • Powerful audio looper
  • Loop undo, reverse & double
  • Performance recording
  • Save your work and come back later
  • Share your work on SoundCloud

Pricing and availability

The app is available via the Apple app store - priced at:

  • $4.99 US,
  • £2.99 UK
  • €3,99 EU


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