Take a Sneak Peek with New YouTube Features

Take a Sneak Peek with New YouTube Features

Google has decided to devote some time and attention to YouTube and has rolled out a few new features for the popular streaming site. Users will now be able to review thumbnails of the content they are watching as the mouse over the progress bar. The feature is not revolutionary or ground-breaking but is sure to be a welcome addition.

Also being implemented is the ability to have a zoomed in view for the progress bar when dealing with videos over 90 minutes in length. This allows users to exercise greater control over their jumps within the content. No news on whether work is on going for the oft-demanded auto-replay function though.

Both new additions to the interface are simple and pretty straightforward. With word that YouTube is working with NBC to stream the 2012 Olympics also spreading, perhaps we will be seeing more overhaul and improvements on the platform in the near future.

Source: YouTube Blog

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