Symbian Carla Screenshots Leaked

Symbian Carla Screenshots Leaked

The folks at the blog site Nokianesia claim that they have received an interesting series of screenshots of Nokia’s upcoming Symbian^3 update codenamed ‘Carla’.

So what’s new in 'Belle’s' successor?

According to the leaked screenshots, the future release features a Windows Phone-inspired virtual keyboard. ‘Carla’ also does away with the unlock button, which is prominent on the current Symbian^3 version, being replaced with a swipe-to-unlock lockscreen. In addition, the upcoming Nokia Browser manifests some UI enhancements. Improvements are also seen on the UI of the OS’ Music player application and Options screen. Noticeably, the latter seems inspired by Meego Harmattan’s interface.

'Carla' is anticipated to be released on some Nokia devices such as the 700, 701, 603, and the 808 Pureview.

Source: Nokianesia via PhoneArena

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