Symantec Reports June 2011 State of Spam and Phishing

Symantec Reports June 2011 State of Spam and Phishing

The effect of recent botnet shutdowns continue to have dramatic effects on overall spam volume. After falling 5.35 percent in April, average daily spam volume fell another 10.02 percent in May. Compared to the same period a year ago, it is down 70.65 percent. Overall, spam made up 72.14 percent of all messages in May, compared with 74.81 percent in April. For a longer term perspective, spam percentage was 89.81 percent in May 2010.

However, this does not mean that spammers are dead. This month’s report highlights online pharmacy spam using two different angles: a spoof of an online video sharing service and Wikipedia. Also, May spam subject line analysis shows that adult spam continue to flourish.

The overall phishing landscape increased by 6.67 percent this month. Automated toolkits and unique domains increased as compared to the previous month. Phishing websites created by automated toolkits increased by 24.82 percent. Unique URLs increased slightly by 0.26 percent. Phishing websites with IP domains (for e.g. domains like increased by 14.93 percent. Webhosting services comprised 9 percent of all phishing, a decrease of 17.66 percent from the previous month. The number of non-English phishing sites saw an increase of 17.73 percent. Among non-English phishing sites, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish were the highest in May.

The following trends are highlighted in the June 2011 report:

  • Clicking to Watch Videos Leads to Pharmacy Spam
  • Wiki for Everything, Even for Spam
  • Phishers Return for Tax Returns
  • Fake Donations Continue to Haunt Japan
  • May 2011: Spam Subject Line Analysis

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