Symantec Expands SMB Information Protection Portfolio

Symantec Expands SMB Information Protection Portfolio

SINGAPORE - May 26, 2010 – Symantec Corp today announced new enhancements to its Small and Mid-sized Business (SMB) Protection Portfolio, providing SMB customers with greater choice and flexibility for protecting the information that drives their businesses. The new Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition, available in Summer 2010, will provide SMBs with complete protection including endpoint and messaging security as well as desktop, laptop and server backup and recovery to ensure business continuity. Symantec is giving SMB customers more choices for protecting their growing businesses with hosted options for email and web security and new lower pricing for Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition.

Changing Threat Landscape for SMBs

Information is critical to businesses of all sizes and SMBs are facing increased risks to their confidential information— including bank account numbers, credit card information and customer and employee records. Now more than ever, cybercriminals are going after the smaller businesses that do not have the high-level security of their enterprise counterparts. A 2009 Symantec survey found that while SMBs are familiar with the information risks they face, a surprisingly high number have yet to take even the most basic steps towards protecting their businesses. The survey found that 50 percent do not have endpoint protection and 47 percent were not backing up their data.

Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition Goes Beyond Basic Security

  • Complete Protection: Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition will provide SMBs with a new level of complete protection, helping them safeguard their businesses from external threats, internal threats and information loss—threats that traditional antivirus products can’t address. The suite will protect endpoints like laptops and desktops, provide messaging security, and can prevent data loss with advanced content filtering at the mail gateway. In case of an outbreak or a system failure, the suite’s backup and recovery capabilities will help SMBs recover individual files and folders or complete Windows systems quickly, even to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments.
  • Business Continuity: Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition will combine security and backup and recovery software technologies to deliver complete information protection and keep SMBs’ desktops, servers and applications running smoothly in case of disruption. Customers will be proactively protected with real-time security intelligence from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which provides early threat warnings and automatic backups when new threats emerge.
  • Easy Management: Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition will simplify IT administration and will lower total cost of ownership by enabling SMBs to purchase and manage backup, recovery and security for the entire organization in a single suite. The suite can be quickly deployed with minimal disruption to a customer’s IT environment.

New Hosted Options Bring the Power of Cloud to SMBs

Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition will give customers the flexibility to deploy on-site and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies with add-on options for hosted email and Web security from Symantec Hosted Services. These SaaS offerings will help SMBs secure and manage email and Web traffic through a single Web‐based management console while greatly reducing the need to manage hardware or software for messaging security on‐site.

In addition, Symantec recently launched Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection, a new SaaS offering for SMBs who wish to deploy comprehensive security for their computer systems without the need for additional hardware or management software.

Right Sized, Right Priced Protection

SMBs cite tight budgets and lack of IT resources as top barriers to security. With the introduction of Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition, Symantec’s SMB customers will have a choice when it comes to the suite that best meets their information protection and budget needs. For the most cost-conscious small businesses, Symantec is lowering the price of Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition, which provides endpoint and messaging security with backup and recovery for desktops and laptops, by 40 percent

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