Symantec Brings Strong Authentication Credentials to iPad

Symantec Brings Strong Authentication Credentials to iPad

Symantec announced that its VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Access for Mobile credential for the iPad is now available on the App Store. The VIP Access for Mobile app adds a dynamic one-time-password (OTP) credential to the iPad that can be used in conjunction with a username and password to strengthen the security of online accounts protected by the VIP Authentication Service. iPad users can now benefit from the added layer of security provided by VIP Access for Mobile for iPad.

The VIP Access for Mobile application transforms more than 700 different types of mobile devices into VIP credentials for strong authentication. Strong authentication works by requiring each user to provide not just a username and password but also a unique, one-time use six-digit security code generated by a user's VIP authentication credential. With the new credential, iPad users can enjoy strong authentication at more than 750 websites that are part of the VIP Network.

VIP Access for Mobile compliments the VIP Authentication Service, the leading cloud-based authentication service that enables enterprises to secure online access and transactions to help obtain compliance and reduce fraud risk. As fully hosted strong authentication Security as a Service (SaaS) solution, VIP offers a cost-effective way to give legitimate users access to business resources, enterprise applications and websites while protecting against cyber criminals. VIP provides an additional layer of protection beyond standard username and password by requiring a dynamic one-time use six-digit security code generated by a user’s VIP credential.

VIP Access for Mobile for the iPad is available for free from the App Store or at

When online businesses protect their sites and users with the VIP Authentication Service, they become members of the unique VIP Network, which allows users to use a single VIP security credential to authenticate themselves across any VIP-enabled website. With the cloud-based VIP Authentication Service, enterprises and online businesses lower their total cost of ownership, speed deployment of two-factor authentication, and improve ease of use for IT administrators and end users.

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