Survey Scammers Now Targetting Pinterest

Survey Scammers Now Targetting Pinterest

One common behaviour of survey scammers is to place attractive links in places including forums, article comments, and social networks. These links direct to surveys which promise free items ranging from gift cards to electronics, as long as you fill the survey form out.

A new social networking website, Pinterest, drew attention from the media during an interactive entertainment conference this month. Pinterest allows users to create virtual corkboards, pin content from other external webpages onto these boards, and then share their boards with others. Lately scammers have been posting tempting images and links to supposed free offers onto Pinterest boards.

Once an unsuspecting Pinterest user clicks on the bogus link for any scam image, he/she is taken to an external website. The website then states that in order to take advantage of the offer, they must re-pin the offer onto their own Pinterest board.  This successfully breeds the scam because it now has credibility by being posted by a trusted source. His/her followers will fall for the same scam, multiplying the cyber victims involved.

Symantec advises users to avoid offers which appear too good to be true. Additionally, Symantec SafeWeb and IPS technologies available in Symantec antivirus products, will block users from viewing such scam surveys.

Source: Symantec

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