Supply Woes for AMD Llano APUs?

Supply Woes for AMD Llano APUs?

It is rumored that the production of the AMD Llano APU has been hobbled by Globalfoundries' lower-than-expected 32nm yield rates. According to a report by Digitimes, AMD has been suffering from Llano APU supply shortages since July due to yield issues.


Although the company originally expected things to go back to normal last month, Digitimes' sources claimed that supply volume is unlikely to meet demand through the end of the current year. The sources estimated that the yield rate issue should be resolved in 2012 when the Trinity APU begins production in January 2012.

The initial Trinity APUs are targeted at mobile platforms; for the desktop processors, they will arrive as part of the Virgo platform. Forging ahead despite its yield rate issues in both 32nm and 45nm processes, Globalfoundries will continue its cooperation with Samsung Electronics over 28nm process technologies.

For the full report from Digitimes, follow this link.

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