Supersized MacBook Air

Supersized MacBook Air


The whispers surrounding the next generation of MacBook Pros are getting louder. Almost every tech news site reported that Apple is working on a thinner 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros, due to be released some time this year.

The rumours state that an SSD drive would be added, while the optical drive would be removed to enable for a much thinner machine. 

Tech news site, TechCrunch has also given us a breakdown on why it could and couldn't work.

Meanwhile, the regular MacBook that started it all has already been removed from Apple's notebook line-up, while the MacBook Air is already getting rave reviews since its recent launch.

Frankly we feel its about time Apple decided to go this direction, even though it may cannibalize on the sales of conventional MacBook Pros, or even supercede them.

Retiring the designer's workhorse that is the MacBook Pro might sound like a horror story for some, but Apple doesn't really have a reputation for being sentimental. 

It is this innovation and willingness to change that has led Apple to become the most valuable tech company in the world (and touted to bypass Exxon Mobil Corp to become the largest company in the world, period).

To read more, click here (Via TechCrunch, Via MacRumours)


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