Study Claims Google Chrome is the Most Secure Browser

Study Claims Google Chrome is the Most Secure Browser

Independent security vendors Accuvant have declared Google Chrome as the most secure web browser and have released 102 pages of research to back up their claims.

The comparisons were restricted to Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). Tests were carried out on Windows 7, 32-bit edition platform. A breakdown of the different security features offered by the three browsers are summarized in the visuals below.

According to Accuvant, blacklisting URLs is a feature for the future but it will not be sufficient to protect yourself from the dangers of the internet. Google Chrome however offers a level of sandboxing which helps it provide another layer of security. Sandboxing is the procedure of running programs in isolation so that they do not affect other programs running concurrently.

Google Chrome has been making ground in the browser wars and is close to achieving parity with Firefox with respect to worldwide market share. With the excellent security features offered, it looks set to surpass other browsers sooner than later.

Source: Accuvant via Arstechnica

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