Steve Jobs on Medical Leave Once More

Steve Jobs on Medical Leave Once More

Steve Jobs has just taken his second leave of absence from Apple, leaving his second-in-command, Tim Cook, handling Apple's day-to-day operations. Jobs retains his position as CEO, with major strategic decisions still under his charge.

Engadget - That's all we know for now, folks. Apple's CEO is taking a medical leave from work, his second in as many years, with Tim Cook filling his role during that time. In an email to the Apple team, Steve Jobs says he'll be on leave to "focus on [his] health," though he will retain the position of CEO and will remain involved in the major strategic decisions -- Tim Cook will be picking up the slack on day-to-day operations.

Earlier in 2009, Jobs took his first medical leave of absence, undergoing a liver transplant and returned to the company by June of the same year. Back then, he was also still strategically involved in the launch of Apple's iPhone 3GS, with Tim Cook involved in the company's daily operations. For the full story, click here.

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