Steam Starts Closed Beta for iOS and Android Devices

Steam Starts Closed Beta for iOS and Android Devices

Here's some good news (or perhaps bad news) for those who spend a moderate amount of time on Steam. Valve's game distribution channel has extended to Apple iOS and Google Android, though the app is currently in closed beta.

The app essentially mirrors most of the experience you get out of the Steam client on your PC or Mac. Steam users will be able to check out what their friends are up to on Steam, and chat with fellow Steam users on their mobile devices. The latter will be particularly useful, since it gives gamers an opportunity to chat and set up a game when they're on their way back to their Steam client.

And if you need to find more friends on Steam, you can look through user profiles on the app and also dive into the various community groups within Steam. For those who follow the latest gaming news, the app also features the same gaming news stream on Steam.

More importantly, the app gives you the option to purchase games straight from your mobile device. That means you won't be tied to a PC or Mac to purchase games. This is especially important when a Steam sale is happening, and you are nowhere near your PC or Mac within the offer period (though we think this is highly unlikely). Either way, if you're a Steam shopaholic, the app provides you with more options to browse and purchase games off Steam.

The only thing that the app can't do? Playing games that you've just purchased from Steam on your mobile devices.

Source: Steam

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