Steam-Powered Holiday Sale

Steam-Powered Holiday Sale

Christmas is just around the corner and Steam is jumping into the festivities with some great deals. Titles such as Fable III and Orcs Must Die! are going at a 75% discount today. Besides the deals, Steam has also given gamers a large incentive to begin playing the games they bought.

From now through 1 January 2012, a set of six objectives will be revealed on Steam's Great Gift Pile page. These objectives are basically game achievements for certain games, and for each completed objective, gamers will receive either a gift or a lump of coal in their Steam inventory.

Gifts are actually games or coupons that you can use, trade with friends or give to another Steam user. And if you receive coal, fret not as you can also trade coal with your friends or collect seven pieces of coal which can then be crafted into a gift. However, collecting and amassing your coal offers a far more tempting opportunity; each lump of coal is an entry into Steam's Epic Holiday Giveaway on 2 January 2012.

In order to qualify for the Epic Holiday Giveaway, you must have at least 10 items on your Steam wishlist and your entries will be based on the number of coal lumps that you have in your Steam inventory on 2 January 2012. The grand prize for the giveaway will net the winner every single game on Steam, which is a very compelling reason indeed to hoard your coal.

Source: Steam

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