StarHub Launches Singapore's First Full DRM-free Unified Music Store

StarHub Launches Singapore's First Full DRM-free Unified Music Store

Singapore, 2 July 2010 - Don't be surprised if you receive an SMS or email delivering a fun Call Tone (mobile connecting tone) or your favourite song, all paid for by your friend on StarHub Mobile service!

From tomorrow, StarHub's mobile post-paid and pre-paid customers can buy digital music content as a gift for friends (or vice versa), as well as enjoy legal music downloads and other exciting features at StarHub Music Store, Singapore’s first full DRM-free unified music download service. Ithos Digital, a digital applications company in powering digital music stores, is StarHub's selected partner of StarHub Music Store.

Offering digital music content in five different formats, StarHub Music Store allows you to choose to download your music as a full song, ring tone or Call Tone directly on your handset; or as a full song or music album on your computer. This means you can enjoy your favourite music in different ways without the hassle of converting it to the different formats yourself. You can also enjoy a social music experience by buying a ring tone, song or an album, and sending it as a gift to a friend.

All music downloads on StarHub Music Store are available in DRM-free formats, so you can burn the songs or albums to CD, play them on your computer, mobile phone and other music playback devices, and even share them with your friends.

“We are thrilled to bring StarHub Music Store to our customers as the first and only full DRM-free unified digital music download service in Singapore. Here, you can find your favourite music in five different choices – ring tone, Call Tones, mobile full song, PC full song or PC full album – for your ease. And, without limitations on the usage of the digital music files and devices, you can enjoy the coolest music entertainment content wherever you happen to be – whether at home or on the go,” said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Products and Solutions at StarHub.

The music catalog at StarHub Music Store comes from 20 record labels, offering 19 music genres in 13 different languages, including ethnic languages such as Thai, Tagalog, Bangla, Hindi, Tamil, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean. You can download your music in different formats or buy some music as a gift to delight your friends at the following pay-per-download prices, or enjoy more perks by subscribing to any of the Music Bundles.

For more pricing information, check out the StarHub Music Store here.

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