Spotify Apps the Ante

Spotify Apps the Ante

Spotify has been dominating the music streaming service provider race for the past months. Ever since its integration with Facebook, its ranks have swelled with both paid subscribers and free users. Spotify has now taken the next step and opened up its doors to app developers.

A whole host of applications from big name players in the music industry like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork were introduced yesterday. Users can expect a whole host of other names to follow. Apps have become the must have feature for every product that wishes to be categorized as "smart". But rather than just introduce applications for no rhyme or reason, Spotify is using them to change its service model.

Currently Spotify services have to be actively accessed by users through searches for artists, music and genres. With applications such as making their way onto Spotify, users will now be able to get suggestions and automated playing. This makes Spotify even more competitive in the cloud services segment, mirroring what sites like Pandora are capable of offering.

The introduction of applications, to what is in essence a cloud service, also marks a new development in the field. Further implementation of applications could result is personalization of cloud space, which would only make it more attractive.

Source: The New York Times 

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