Sparkle Announces GTX570 Thermal Guru

Sparkle Announces GTX570 Thermal Guru

Sparkle today announced the Sparkle GTX570 Thermal Guru Graphics Card with Effective Own Design Cooler, the ultimate DX11 3D monster from Sparkle, which delivers intense performance and premium cooling effect for gamers who demand the best.

Model Number SXX5701280D54D
Graphics Processing Unit GeForce GTX 570
Core Clock 732MHz
Memory Clock 3800MHz
Memory Type 1280MB GDDR5
Memory Interface 320-bit
Stream Processors 480
Stream Processors Clock 1464MHz
Bus Type PCI-Express 2.0
Outputs HDMI x1
Display Port x1
Dual Link DVI-I x2

The Sparkle GTX570 Thermal Guru graphics card is the latest new addition to Sparkle's GTX 570 series. Designed specifically for gamers who demand the best, the Sparkle GTX570 Thermal Guru Graphics Card is built with NVDIA GeForce GTX 570 GPU. Based on 40nm processor and advanced GDDR5 memory technology, it consists of ground-breaking features including Microsoft DirectX 11 and NVIDIA PhysX which lead to incredibly immersive HD gaming experience and unrivaled performance.

Light Sense Design - The Perfect Balance of Weight and Performance

For the cooler design, SPARKLE always has its own unique concept, it has been to balance the weight and the cooling performance of graphic cards' cooler. So as for this SPARKLE GTX570 Thermal Guru Graphics Card, it adopts the aluminum fins with the pure copper heat pipes to enhance heat transfer efficiency while also reducing the weight of the cooler, effectively avoiding the risk of bending the plate. This cooler also integrated many of the most advanced manufacturing process, the whole cooler uses tin free welding process, pillars traversed cooling fins technology and pillars inserted cooling fins technology to ensure cooling efficiency, use life and the sense of integrated design. With this cooler, the full loading GPU temperature is 5 degree Celsius lower than the reference cooler of GeForce GTX 570 graphics card. The weight of the cooler is only half of the reference design.

Dual 80mm Fans Design

Compared with single fan design, they make the card running quieter and provide more powerful air flow for the graphics card.

Other Notable Features:

  • Direct Contact Technology - use of four pure copper heat pipes combined with the GPU direct contact technology, enabling more efficient heat transfer.
  • Unique & Advanced Cooling Fins Assembly Technology - combining with pure aluminum cooling fins, the pure copper heat pipes use tin free welding process and cooling fins assembly technology, effectively avoiding the heat pipes' oxidation due to the corrosion from the high temperature tin melting process in the tin welding process and the high welding temperature.
  • Unique Designed Wind Collecting Cover - using the specially designed air duct on the cover, the flow of the air will enter the cooler along the fixed orbit, to enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation, while reducing wear and tear on the fan. In addition, the air duct design can effectively avoid the hand injury due to touching the cooler during the graphics card installation and taking down process.
  • Ray Tracing Support: The Future of Gaming
  • 32x Anti-aliasing Technology
  • Total Immersive with NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Technology
  • Stunning DX11 Gaming Performance
  • 1280MB Incredible Large High Speed GDDR5 Video Memory


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