Sony's New Voice Recorders Promise Crisp and Clear Audio

Sony's New Voice Recorders Promise Crisp and Clear Audio

(Asia Pacific, 18 October 2010) – Sony Electronics Asia Pacific introduces the latest ICD-UX and ICD-SX series voice recorders, offering high quality Linear PCM recording and an expandable memory slot. Newly added is Sony’s proprietary S-Microphone System which delivers improved audio sensitivity, increasing precision when capturing audio as well as reducing noise pick up. This new microphone system will enable the best recording quality in any recording situation. Also newly integrated in the ICD-UX and ICD-SX voice recorders is the Intelligent Noise Cut feature. With a convenient on-off button, the recorder will analyze noise frequencies and automatically reduce them, for audibility of human speech during playback.

“With the new ICD-UX and ICD-SX series voice recorders, Sony continues to raise the benchmark in audio technology with its superior sound capture. By including new features such as the S-Microphone System and Intelligent Noise Cut, we strive to make it easy for all users – from professional musicians that need CD-quality music recordings to students recording lectures and tutorials – to easily capture crystal clear audio without any distracting ambient noise.” says Mr. Sydney Lee, Assistant General Manager, Personal Audio Category, Sony Marketing Asia Pacific.

The ICD-SX and UX voice recorders feature several new functions that make them easier to use. The new Scene Select feature has four recording settings (Music, Meeting, Interview and Dictation) that allow users to easily select the best scenario to match their recording environment for an enhanced audio capture. Additionally, the handy Track Mark feature helps bookmark important moments on audio tracks, allowing users to jump easily from one track mark to another within each recording file with a push of a button. A maximum of 98 track marks can be made on each recording file.

Easy editing and organization of audio recordings are enabled by the new Sound Organizer software which is bundled with the recorders. Furthermore, the ICD-SX and ICD-UX series have a Micro SD/M2 slot that expands the storage capacity of the recorder, increasing recording time. Even after using up the internal memory, users can continue recording on the MicroSD/M2 card with its cross memory recording feature. This is particularly useful for business professionals or students who need to record long individuals who are using the recorders for seminars and lectures.

SX Series: ICD-SX713 and ICD-SX813

With the introduction of the ICD-SX713 and ICD-SX813, the ICD-SX series is the perfect companion for the business or music professional to record interviews, meetings or live recordings. The ICD-SX series features a new two-way adjustable microphone design, which lets users reposition the microphones based on their needs, for example, a centre focus for interviews or a Y-type focus for larger meeting rooms. CD quality recordings are also assured with the Linear PCM recording feature as the audio tracks are uncompressed.

For enhanced quality in audio recording and playback, the ICD-SX813 integrates the S-Master digital amplifier – an audio technology unique to Sony and found originally on home audio systems. This model also features Digital Noise Cancelling that reduces ambient noises during playback, enabling users to concentrate on their listening experience on-the-go.

With an extended battery life of up to 19 hours[1], the new 4GB ICD-SX series comes with a MicroSD/M2 memory card slot, increasing the number of music clips, interviews and performance tracks can be captured and stored.


The ICD-UX stereo voice recorders blend versatility with style and function, with Linear PCM recording that gives users the option of capturing CD quality audio clips. Available in 2GB and 4GB capacities, this series offer a slew of functions such as FM recording, music playback in multiple formats (wav, mp3, wma, aac) and direct USB for convenient drag and drop of audio or data files. In addition, both recorders each feature a MicroSD/M2 memory card slot to increase recording capacity.

The ICD-UX513F includes an external telephone recording microphone to record phone interviews and conference calls effortlessly, making it an essential tool for working professionals. With seven stylish colours of pink, gold, red, silver, white, blue and black[2] to choose from, the compact new UX series voice recorders are the perfect complements to the VAIO E series notebooks.

The new ICD-UX and ICD-SX voice recorders will be available in Asia Pacific from October 2010.

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