Sony's Answer to Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Sony's Answer to Micro Four Thirds Cameras

With the rise of Micro Four Thirds cameras from Panasonic and Olympus, what are the other manufacturers planning to compete against this new breed of cameras? Sony has unveiled a camera with interchangeable lenses capable of producing DSLR-quality images.

PC World - To kick off the PMA show here, Sony held a press conference to introduce its answer to Panasonic's and Olympus's Micro Four Thirds cameras: a model with interchangeable lenses that can produce DSLR-quality images and HD video, but from a body that's the size of a compact point-and-shoot. Though the company showed off a non-working prototype, Sony promised the yet-to-be-named camera would hit the market later this year.

Though it will be sometime before this mystery camera debuts, it will certainly add some spice to the competition between the camera manufacturers. Click here for the full story.

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