Sony Xperia P and U Official with Dual-core Processors

Sony Xperia P and U Official with Dual-core Processors

This is as official as it gets. At the Sony Mobile Communications press conference held at Barcelona, the Sony Xperia P and U are officially announced. Both devices will join its earlier sibling, the Sony Xperia S, as part of the company's Xperia NXT series of smartphones.

The new Xperia smartphones share the same design concept as the Xperia S, one such iconic design being the transparent band that is also the antenna found on the lower half of the smartphone. That said, a new feature that was demonstrated at the press conference, is how the transparent band will emit different colors based on the different types of media being played on the Xperia devices.

True to earlier rumors, the Xperia P is equipped with a 4-inch Reality Display, which sits between the Xperia U's 3.5-inch display and the 4.3-inch screen found on the earlier Xperia S. More importantly, the Xperia P is armed with a display technology known as White Magic, which promises double the brightness and hence better outdoor visibility under direct sunlight. Whether this new technology is based on increasing the nits level of the display, or how it'll affect the smartphone's overall battery life is still unclear. What is confirmed is a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera capable of 1080 video capture. The Xperia P will also be able to dock with Sony's Xperia Smart Dock, allowing you to extend the smartphone to a HDTV.

Though similarly equipped with a dual-core processor, the Xperia U will most likely come with a more affordable price tag, given how it shaves the display size to 3.5-inches and comes with a 5-megapixel camera. To set itself apart from its Xperia cousins, the Xperia U will come with an interchangeable chin, which is located just below the transparent band.

Both smartphones (and the Xperia S) come with NFC capabilities that will tie in with Sony's Xperia SmartTags that lets you create shortcuts for your phones with a single tap.

As for availability, Sony also took the opportunity to announce that the Xperia S is currently shipping worldwide, while the just-announced Xperia P and Xperia U will be available in Q2 2012. Pricing for all three smartphones haven't been confirmed.

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