Sony Upgrades the Walkman at CES

Sony Upgrades the Walkman at CES 2012

The Walkman has always been a signature Sony product. They were the ones to introduce the first portable music player which back in the day when cassette tapes were still around. Even today, with digital memory becoming the chosen medium of storage for music and other content, Sony's Walkman line offers a variety of decives. In fact there have been some good products in recent times under that banner such as sporty W series.

Now, as CES 2012 proceeds, Sony has announced the next step for the Walkman in the shape of the new Z1000. While the product was released in Japan first, it is now being introduced internationally as well. The Walkman Z1000 is unique because it is Sony's first Android powered portable music device. Boasting a 4.3-inch screen, DLNA capabilities and a microHDMI port for connection with larger display screens, the device has all the components to succeed. In addition the Z1000 also features the new S-Master MX digital amplifier which  is intended to reduce noise and distortion level in your music.

Seeing that the Z1000 has a larger screen size than the iPod Touch and also has quite a number of connectivity options, it might just be able to give the Apple product a run for its money. While convergence may be the rage, there are still users who prefer to keep their media player and phone separate. The Sony Walkman Z1000 will retail for US$249, US$279, and US$329 for 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

Source: TechCrunch

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