Sony Unveils New ZX Series Headphones for Audiophiles

Sony Unveils New ZX Series Headphones for Audiophiles

The new ZX series outdoor monitoring headphones deliver an exceptional audio experience and maximum comfort

(Asia Pacific, 29 September 2010) – Sony Electronics Asia Pacific today announces the ZX series – a new series of outdoor monitoring headphones that offer audiophiles a true and well-defined soundstage with powerful bass and precise treble tones. The new MDR-ZX700, MDR-ZX500, MDR-ZX300 and MDR-ZX100 headphones feature driver units of up to 50mm in size for an exceptional frequency response and faithful studio sound quality.

“Sony strives to deliver an unsurpassed audio experience with our wide range of headphones,” says Mr. Sydney Lee, Assistant General Manager, Personal Audio Marketing, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “The new ZX series headphones were designed with audiophiles in mind, integrating large driver units and improved noise isolation ear pads that enable them to submerge themselves in pure, listening pleasure without unwanted interferences.”

Music lovers will appreciate the true-to-life audio reproduction from the top of the line Outdoor Monitoring headphones – the MDR-ZX700 – which is equipped with Sony-proprietary 50mm driver units that deliver an exceptional frequency response that faithfully reproduces studio quality sound tracks. With a high power input of up to 2,000mW, the headphones ensure accurate sound reproduction regardless of volume, while urethane-cushioned noise isolation earpads offer users a pressure-reliving fit for long term wear.

The MDR-ZX500 reproduces vocal and instrumental sound with vivid audio clarity, integrating 40mm driver units with neodymium magnets which reproduce precise mid and treble tones as well as good bass. With a high power input of up to 1,500mW and urethane-cushioned earpads, the MDR-ZX500 enables consumers to enjoy crisp, clear music tracks comfortably on the move. In addition, the MDR-ZX500 also features improved noise isolation earpads with the same benefits as its larger brethren.

The MDR-ZX300 and MDR-ZX100 are designed for users who seek lightweight headphones to enjoy their music on. Both feature 30mm driver units and a high power input of up to 1,000mW for unsurpassed sound quality. The MDR-ZX300 is also able to deliver powerful bass and clear treble sounds – perfect for music lovers who enjoy strong beats and grooves. With a metallic chassis, the MDR-ZX300 is a sleeker and stylish headphone options for consumers who have a penchant for quality sounds. Additionally, the MDR-ZX100 is available in a variety of colour options for users to choose from. The four new ZX series headphones will be available in Asia Pacific from October 2010.

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