Sony Unveils Augmented Reality TV Size Guide

Sony Unveils Augmented Reality TV Size Guide

What would you do if you have plans to buy a new television? Typically, most of us would measure a desired TV's length to see if it fits into the allocated rack or wall space. Apart from a television's physical dimensions, there are other factors to consider too, such as the display's design and color. For many urban dwellers, a TV has to complement their living space and color scheme as well.

Up till now, most of us would rely on our visualization skills to determine if the screen is suitable. With that in mind, Sony has unveiled a new TV size guide which makes use of augmented reality to assist users in choosing an appropriate TV. Basically, users need to print out an AR marker, and snap a picture of the marker on the wall (or desired spot) before posting the image on Sony's website. By superimposing the TV's image onto the uploaded photo, users are able to make a more accurate and informed decision when choosing televisions for their homes. Tim Schwarz, Sony's UK online content manager, states that many consumers used to rely on the basics such as tape measures and guesswork to determine the TV's size, which often resulted in wrong decisions being made. 

Source: HDTVTest

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