Sony Showcases Prototype 55-inch Crystal LED TV at CES 2012

Sony Showcases Prototype 55-inch Crystal LED TV at CES 2012

If you're expecting an OLED TV announcement from Sony, the electronics giant isn't going the OLED route at CES 2012. Instead, the Japanese company unveiled its next-generation self-emitting display, “Crystal LED Display” during its press conference. With a prototype unit measuring 55-inches and a Full HD resolution, we took a quick look at how the new Crystal LED display will improve upon the current standard.

According to Sony, this is an industry first, using LEDs as the light source. This is achieved by mounting ultrafine LEDs in each of the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colors, equivalent to the number of pixels, which amounts up to nearly six-million LEDs for a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The concept behind this design is to improve the efficiency of light used, giving the display a stronger contrast for light and dark situations. Crystal LED display is also touted to come with a wider color gamut, superb video image response time, and wider viewing angles when compared to existing LCD and plasma displays, at a low power consumption.

The demo unit at Sony's booth was placed in a dark room (as pictured above), and we did notice that the prototype does have a higher contrast compared to conventional LCD screens. Sony claims that the prototype has approximately 3.5 times higher contrast in light environment, approximately 1.4 times wider color gamut, and approximately 10 times faster video image response time as compared to existing Sony models.

While Sony will be working to bring this new technology to market, the company will perform a concurrent development of its OLED displays. Commercial availability of the Crystal LED display was not mentioned.

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