Sony Reveals Tablets' Prices

Sony Reveals Tablets' Prices

Sony has finally revealed its price plans for their upcoming tablets. The 16GB version of the S tablet will cost US$499, while the 32GB edition will retail for US$599. The S model will feature a 9.4-inch screen, and weighs approximately 600 grams. Don't expect any 3G variants since this is strictly a Wi-Fi only model. The smaller P tablet, consists of two folding 5.5-inch screens and is equipped with 4GB of memory. Both tablets are powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

The S will be made available in the States in September, while the 4G-capable P will only be launched in Europe in November. There's no word on release dates for the Asian market. 

It is also apparent that Sony has priced the S model closely to that of Apple's iPad2. According to Gartner analyst, Carolina Milanesi, Sony's pricing strategy may hurt its chances of clinching the number two spot in the tablet race. "Consumers want tablets but they are not prepared to pay the same amount they'd pay for an iPad for something that's not an iPad," she said.

Source: Reuters

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