Sony Releases "DOT SWITCH" Teaser Video

Sony Releases "Dot Switch" Teaser Video

Sony has unveiled a teaser video which highlights a new cryptic feature called "Dot Switch". In the 30-second clip, we have what appears to be a lone user wielding a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. And simply by tapping on a large 'dot' via the touchscreen, he is able to control various household devices as he chugged along. The paraphernalia includes a gramophone, which we believe is a metaphor for Sony's AV receivers or sound systems, a BRAVIA HDTV, a couple of confetti cannons, and even a robotic arm.

Folks over at the unofficial Xperia blog are speculating that 'Dot Switch' is based on infra-red capabilities of the Xperia Arc, rather than a wireless network protocol. Whichever standard Sony is using, we can be sure that this is some form of a universal remote we are looking at. Sony remains pretty tight-lipped at the moment, and they'll only reveal all come February 21st. As usual, 'Dot Switch' will be introduced in Japan before the rest of the world gets their grubby hands on this feature. The video from Sony's Japanese site is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. 

Source: Xperia Blog and Sony Japan

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