Sony - Picture Quality & Price Matter Most to Consumers

Sony - Picture Quality & Price Matter Most to Consumers

Pocket-Lint ran a brief article yesterday on Sony's findings towards consumers' buying preferences. And the three primary aspects which matter to HDTV buyers these days (not surprisingly) are: picture quality, price, and design. Although no statistical data was given, Sony claims that picture quality and price are now as important to consumers as it was in the days when CRT televisions were rampant. On the other hand, customers are less critical of both picture and price compared to the initial introduction of flat screen televisions. Looking back, digital televisions have indeed improved by leaps and bounds since the time of bulky CRT tubes. 

Interestingly, sound quality ranks highly on consumers' charts too, coming in fourth for those who have purchased a TV or intending to buy one within the next three years. For those looking to procure a HDTV in the near future, however, audio quality is the third most important consideration according to the report. With televisions flaunting slimmer profiles as time progresses, it also becomes increasingly hard for manufacturers to incorporate a decent sound system in TVs with limited housing space. Among other factors, the amount of air in the enclosure determines the intensity of bass levels produced as well. 

Sony ended their chat with Pocket-Lint with the promise of producing future TVs with spruced up designs, enhanced picture quality, and improved sound. With consumer findings revolving around costs and image quality, we reckon it's only appropriate for Sony to respond in kind? Another TV giant who has paid considerable attention to sound matters has to be LG, who engaged audio guru Mark Levinson in 2008 to help enhance the audio fidelity of their TVs and home theater systems.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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