Sony Might Delay New PlayStation Portable NGP Due to Quake

Sony Might Delay New PlayStation Portable NGP Due to Quake

The consumer electronics sector has been hit hard by the recent 8.9 magnitude off the coast of Japan, with Sony being one of the many Japanese companies having to halt its production facilities. And now, the effects could be felt, with the president Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Jack Tretton, citing production delays due to the March 11th disaster.

Ars Technica - Sony may be forced to postpone the release of its new PlayStation portable, codenamed NGP, until next year due to production disruptions resulting from the tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan in March. This may be good news for the platform's developers, allowing them more time to flesh out their titles, but will also give other portable systems a bigger window to entrench themselves in the minds of consumers.

Meanwhile, Nintendo's newly launched Nintendo 3DS got off to a good start, with up to 800,000 units sold in its first month in Asia. Given the production setbacks, Sony could once again lose the lead in the portable entertainment arena, while its competitors, including Apple's iOS, entrench themselves deeper within the portable gaming market.

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