Sony Ericsson CEO Not Comfortable with Investing in Windows Phone

Sony Ericsson CEO Not Comfortable with Investing in Windows Phone

Looks like we won't be expecting any Sony Ericsson phones with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 anytime soon.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sony Ericsson President and CEO Bert Nordberg went on record to say that he isn't comfortable with investing in the Microsoft mobile OS, when the company has a running success with its Android porfolio of devices.

During the interview, Nordberg also admitted that the company "should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived in 2007". Even though the company is fully committed to the Google Android platform, Nordberg has also mentioned that they've underestimated the speed with which Android could penetrate the United States, and also acknowledges the fact that Sony Ericsson is a very "tiny player" in the Android market share at an estimated 11%.

According to Nordberg, Sony Ericsson's ultimate goal is to be a full-time smartphone manufacturer and letting go of its feature phones portfolio, which is likely to happen in the middle of 2012.

Given that the company has already lost the first mover advantage with Android, will this decision to put all their eggs in one basket be a wise move? Considering how companies such as Samsung and HTC are paying royalties to Microsoft for the use of Android devices, the repercussions might be undesirable for Sony Ericsson.

Source : Wall Street Journal via TechCrunch

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