Sonnet Introduces Fusion F2QR

Sonnet Introduces Fusion F2QR

Ruggedized Storage Offers Quad Interface for Ease of Connection, Powers From Computer's FireWire Port, and Adds 2TB of Capacity

IRVINE, California - Sonnet today announced the Fusion F2QR portable two-drive hardware RAID storage system. Mounted side by side in a tough aluminum enclosure about the size of two stacked CD cases, the diminutive system contains two, 2.5-inch, 1TB hard drives. Based on the multiple-award-winning Fusion F2, a portable two-drive RAID SATA storage system recognized for its performance, reliability, whisper-quiet operation, and shock-resistant characteristics, this compact device adds a built-in hardware RAID controller for configuring the drives; a quad interface with eSATA, FireWire 800, and USB 2.0 ports for flexible compatibility; and a greater storage capacity. The Fusion F2QR delivers great performance with up to 160 MB/sec read and 100 MB/sec write data transfer rates, and is bus-powered by a FireWire port on the computer regardless the interface used.

Mounted inside its rugged aluminum shell, the Fusion F2QR's drives are shock- and vibration- isolated to help protect against rough handling. Fusion F2QR is cool, nearly silent, and energy-efficient. The engineered aluminum case efficiently transfers away heat, eliminating the need for a fan.

The Sonnet Fusion F2QR features a built-in hardware RAID controller that manages its drives, and enables the system to connect to a computer with a single cable. It supports fast (RAID 0), safe (RAID 1), big (Span), and JBOD configurations without relying on OS RAID or a specialized controller card. The included configuration utility software is simple to use and supports Mac and Windows operating systems.

Fusion F2QR's quad interface offers users three ways to connect the storage system to their computer, enabling maximum flexibility in sharing data between a variety of computers. They can select an eSATA, FireWire 800, or USB 2.0 interface for maximum performance, medium speed, or ubiquity, respectively. (The fourth port is a FireWire 800 pass-through port.) Sonnet includes the cables for each interface, so the F2QR can be connected immediately.

Connected via the Sonnet Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard eSATA controller, the Sonnet Fusion F2QR in RAID 0 configuration can sustain read transfer rates of up to 160 MB/sec, fast enough to support multiple streams of compressed video editing. Fusion F2QR is powered by connecting the included power cable or FireWire interface cable to a FireWire port on the computer or hub. Users can alternatively power the F2QR with Sonnet's optional World Travel Power Adapter.

Fusion F2QR 2TB (part number FUS-F2QR-2TB) is available immediately, with a suggested retail price of $569.

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