Skype Joins Group Messaging Fray With GroupMe Acquisition

Skype Joins Group Messaging Fray With GroupMe Acquisition

Microsoft as usual, is coming late to the party. The name of the party, is group messaging. Most people have been wondering, what has Skype been up to since its acquisition by Microsoft was announced? Besides appearing more prominently on mobile platforms, we haven't really heard much about it..

Today, the web is abuzz with news of Skype making an US$85 million purchase of popular group messaging app, GroupMe -- which according to our source, -- was founded at a TechCrunch event last year in April 2010.

Skype itself, which already has a substantial userbase, and a reputation in video calling, will soon be part of Microsoft, who still seems to be struggling in the internet and mobile market (Bing, Office 365 and Windows Phone 7).

That said, Microsoft, and its deep pockets, could be in a good position catch up to current cloud champions, Google. We won't however, hold our breaths for that day to come any time soon.

To read more about it, click here (Via All Things Digital, via TechCrunch)

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