Siri's Data Usage

Siri's Data Usage

There's been much talk about Apple's latest iPhone 4S and its less than impressive battery life. Of course, Apple's vocal personal assistant, Siri, has been making waves around the globe too. Apart from its fun features, we know that Siri requires an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection to do its job. Question is, just how much data does it devour in the process?

Recently, the folks over at Ars Technica ran some tests to answer satiate their curiosity. To sum up their findings, so-called local tasks munched up about 36.7KB per query while "look-ups" tasks (or requests which require Internet searches) chalked up an average of 94.72KB per query. For the latter, that's almost close to 10MB worth of data usage if 100 look-up queries were made by approximation.

This might not amount to much if you have a high-ceiling data plan, but users on a pay-per-byte mobile plan might want to take note of Siri's data habits.

Source: Ars Technica 

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