Is SingTel Planning to Bring in Apple iPad 2?

Is SingTel Planning to Bring in Apple iPad 2?

With Apple's iPad 2 now officially announced for an April 29th availability in Singapore, its prices have also been revealed. While we were researching on the iPad data plans from the local telcos, we were surprised by this bulletin on SingTel's website (update: the link is now inactive, but we'll be keeping tabs on the SingTel website for further details), which states that the telco "is keen to bring the new iPad 2 to customers" and both SingTel and Apple are in the final stages of discussions to make iPad 2 affordable and compelling with their data and broadband services.

This is a departure from the first iPad's launch when none of the three local telcos were selling the iPad with an accompanying price plan. For the consumer, this is potentially an iPad 2 that costs even less than the cheapest S$668 version from Apple's online store and authorized resellers. Cross your fingers!

Another quick check at the FAQ found within that node also shows that the iPad 2 will be available for sale in SingTel, though an actual date hasn't been fixed as of now.

For now, we are waiting for a response from SingTel. Do check back soon for any further updates on the SingTel / Apple iPad 2 development.

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