SingTel iPhone 4 Price Plans Announced

SingTel iPhone 4 Price Plans Announced

And we have the final update for the iPhone 4 price plans, this time from the red giant, SingTel. The iPhone 4 will be available this Friday, and customers who have pre-ordered will be contacted about the collection details at the launch within Marina Bay Sands.

  iFlexi Lite iFlexi Value iFlexi Plus iFlexi Premium
Monthly fee (w/GST) $39 $56 $95 $205
Voice credit (mins) 100 200 500 2000
SMS/MMS credit 500 500 500 2000
Data credit (GB) 12 12 12 30
iPhone 4 16GB $480 $210 $0 $0
iPhone 4 32GB $620 $360 $60 $0
iPhone 3GS 8GB $350 $60 $0 $0

Looking across the three telcos now, here's what you can discern:

From the price plan perspective at the lower tier, you'll be paying a more affordable monthly subscription for M1. Furthermore, this is especially true when you examine its highest price plan at $198 per month with unlimited call time, SMS and data.

But if you are going for the mid-range plans, SingTel has the distinct advantage for a lower monthly subscription at $56 (compared to StarHub's $58 per month) and the same iPhone 4 price as M1's at $210. Over the two year period, this will be the more affordable iPhone 4 price plan. Going one level higher, the iFlexi Plus plan is cheaper than both StarHub and SingTel by $4 per month, and with the iPhone 4 provisioned at no cost, you might want to select SingTel for the mid-range plans.

On the iPhone 4 pricing, both M1 and SingTel are currently neck-to-neck with its offer, but if you are still targeting the iPhone 3GS for whatever reason, consider the lowest tier plan for all three telcos. While M1 might be offering it at $360, over the 2 year period, you are still paying less with the lower monthly subscription at $36. Whereas with StarHub and SingTel, the total cost will be higher due to its higher subscription at $38 and $39 respectively.

Check out the details of both M1 and StarHub's price plans over here and here.

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