SingTel First to Offer Totally Free Incoming Calls to Prepaid Mobile Customers

SingTel First to Offer Totally Free Incoming Calls to Prepaid Mobile Customers

Singapore, 18 June 2010 -- Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) today announced that it now offers free incoming calls, 24 hours a day to prepaid mobile customers. This groundbreaking offer is a first in the market and starts today.

SingTel prepaid mobile customers enjoy the most affordable local calling rates and outgoing SMS rates, free IDD calls to 11 countries like Malaysia and China, plus 15% free bonus talktime and SMS with every top up.

In addition, they can now enjoy free incoming calls 24 hours a day, when they top-up with the $10, $20 and $50 Hi! Top-Up cards. There are no surcharges or activation fees.

Top-up denomination Duration of Free Incoming Calls
$10 10 Days
$20 and above 20 Days


“Incoming calls constitute as much as 30-40% of a prepaid mobile customer’s monthly bill. SingTel’s prepaid mobile free incoming calls offer provides unbeatable value for these customers as they will enjoy significant savings on their local calls,” said Ms Sarah Chua, SingTel’s Vice President of Consumer Marketing. “This prepaid mobile offer will surely appeal to students, elderly and budget conscious customers, looking for an affordable, easy and convenient way to stay in touch with their friends and family, without having to count down their talktime minutes.”

“With more than 44% market share, SingTel leads in the prepaid mobile market because we offer customers good value, easy access and value for money promotions,” added Ms Chua.

Affordable and convenient range of prepaid mobile services

Prepaid mobile customers will rejoice with SingTel’s Prepaid Mobile’s differentiated offerings, which provide the most affordable prices and a wide range of top up denominations to meet their needs.






  • Best local call rates and attractive promotions: SingTel offers one of the lowest local calling rates at 8¢ per minute (off-peak hours) and 16¢ per minute (peak hours).
  • Lowest IDD and global SMS rates: Prepaid mobile customers enjoy the cheapest overseas calling rates in the market to popular countries like Thailand (6¢ per min), Philippines (16¢ per min) and Indonesia (22¢ per min). Global SMS rates to countries like Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand are at 5¢ per global SMS.
  • Attractive promotions: SingTel recently organised ‘WIN WIN Wednesday’ where customers who top up $28 stand a chance to win additional $18 worth of local talktime and SMS every Wednesday.
  • Prepaid mobile customers also receive free 30 local SMS with every ten local SMS sent with SingTel prepaid mobile hi! Card. Customers also enjoy free 10 minutes of overseas talktime and 75 Global SMSes to popular countries like China and Malaysia, allowing them to contact their loved ones overseas affordably.
  • Wide range of top up denominations to suit every customer’s budget: This starts from the lowest denomination in the market with the ‘$2 easy Payphone Top-Up service’, which allows customers to top up their prepaid mobile cards conveniently from a payphone. This benefits customers, who may need to make short phone calls on their mobile but do not wish to top-up their prepaid account in higher denominations.
  • Customers can also top up with other affordable denominations like $5, $10, $15 on HOT $55 easy Mobile top-up (offering $40 local calls and SMS, $15 IDD and Global SMS, and free IDD calls) and $28 on Super HOT $128 top-up (offering $100 worth of local calls and local SMSes, $28 worth of IDD calls and global SMSes, plus free IDD calls to popular countries like Malaysia).
  • Convenient ways to top up: The innovative ‘easy Mobile Top-Up’ is the only top up service in Singapore where customers can purchase top-up value directly from authorised merchants in denominations of $5 and $10 directly. Customers will receive a top-up confirmation via SMS directly on their mobile phone after the merchant has transferred the requested top-up value to their mobile phone.


Other popular top up modes include top-Up cards, AXS Stations, SAMs and in-store top-ups, DBS/POSB ATMs and vPOST.

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