SingTel Brings Angry Birds to Singapore F1

SingTel Brings Angry Birds to Singapore F1

How does cheering some Angry Birds against its egg-stealing enemies sound? Well, if you're at this year's Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, you might be able to witness that.

SingTel announced that it will be installing a larger screen version of Angry Birds at the Bay Grandstand, which will be played each night just before the start of the race. The games will begin at 7:45pm on Friday 23Sep, 8:00pm on Saturday 24Sep and 6:00pm on Sunday 25 Sep.

Now here's the twist: the game is played by spectators who are standing right in front of the screen, relying on their cheers to determine the speed at which the birds are flung into the air. We doubt there's really any voice-activated mechanism involved, but the cheers will definitely spur the actual player to really stretch the slingshot and toss the birds at full speed.

According to SingTel's Director of Consumer Marketing, Mr Derrick Heng, Angry Birds will feature prominently in SingTel's upcoming events. For all you know, you might see Angry Birds mascot handing out flyers during SingTel's roadshows in the near future.

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