SingTel and VMware Launch On-demand Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution

SingTel and VMware Launch On-demand Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution

Enterprises to reap cost savings of up to 73%

SingTel and VMWare today announced the launch of SingTel PowerON Compute enabled by VMware vCloud Datacenter Services.

This ground-breaking enterprise hybrid cloud computing solution enables enterprises to upgrade their IT resources without the heavy cost and complexities of purchasing and managing additional servers and systems, thereby reducing operating costs by up to 73 per cent. Companies will be able to expand the resources of their private cloud infrastructure seamlessly into PowerON Compute’s secure public cloud without the hassles of re-installing and re-configuring their software applications. This means customers can fully utilise current IT infrastructure investments while benefitting from on-demand, pay-as-you-use, public cloud computing resources.

Businesses can gain a vital competitive advantage by deploying required IT resources in minutes instead of weeks and activating them in real time and in a unified view via a user-friendly online portal.

In addition, SingTel’s market-leading international IP networks offer customers the flexibility to access their applications and services from multiple locations across the Asia Pacific region, while benefitting from a consistent user experience plus enterprise-grade security.

Offering a common, globally consistent enterprise hybrid cloud computing infrastructure, VMware vCloud Datacenter Services place full and rapid control in the hands of IT departments, enabling them to monitor, manage and secure their applications across environments. The end result for enterprises is the business agility and cost effectiveness offered by a flexible hybrid cloud, combined with peace-of-mind security, on-demand computing capacity, flexibility and genuine freedom of choice.

In contrast to the IT industry’s widely-held belief in a “one-cloud-fits-all” approach, the customer-centric philosophy shared by VMware and SingTel is that a cloud environment must be tailored to the unique business needs of each enterprise, while enabling organisations to leverage investment in existing IT resources. In addition, the two companies believe migration to cloud should represent incremental and not wholesale change, and offer the flexibility to use on- and off-premise resources in a secure fashion.

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