Singapore Company Launches Feecha on iPhone

Singapore Company Launches Feecha on iPhone


The Ching Chong Group, a Singapore-based creative technology studio developing mobile apps and games, announced today the launch of feecha, a mobile app that you can use to find out about interesting happenings in the vicinity.

Using location as the heart of the equation, you can post interesting activities or events from where you are so that other people in the area can see what you are seeing, or check them out in person. These posts are represented by feechas, which look like a monster with many eyes. 

Feechas feed on attention, hence the more attention your post gets (in terms of view, comments and shares), the larger the feecha grows. They also sport different colors which have different meanings. The redder the feecha, the faster it is growing in size while the bluer the feecha, the slower it grows. 

Adhering to one simple principle, "the survival of the most interesting", feechas that lose attention overtime will gradually shrink and fade away, making way for better and more interesting feechas. This helps to avoid the scenario of having too many feechas popping out on the map. 

The potential uses for feecha are vast - from foodies sharing pictures of delicious food at a particular restaurant to shoppers alerting others of a great sale at a shopping mall.

"Feecha will make people feel connected to their location and to each other in completely new, unprecedented ways; making your location and the people around you more interesting than you thought. We are excited that others can now finally share in our passion for feecha", said Jeffrey Yuwono, founder and CEO of The Ching Chong Group

Feecha is now available free for all iPhones running iOS 4.2 and above. Users can download the app from the Apple App Store or The app will also make its debut on the Android platform towards the end of Q1 2012. As of this moment, there are no plans to port feecha over to other mobile platforms.

You can find out more about the app and The Ching Chong Group here.

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