Should Everyone Know about Your Dark (Elf) Side?

Should Everyone Know about Your Dark (Elf) Side?

There are definite benefits to being anonymous on the internet. The chance to speak out against oppressive regimes. Being able to speak your mind without fear of discrimination. Not having everyone know you're secretly a dark elf of the opposite sex in your spare hours.

But if Blizzard had its way, those secret days will be history soon (the dark elf thing, not the oppressive regimes). The company behind World of Warcraft is requiring that gamers use their real names when posting on its forums, so as to discourage trolls. But it's sparked a negative backlash from gamers:

...users in the Blizzard forums have called the idea “terrible,” and “possibly the worst idea in the history of bad ideas.” One user summed up what appeared to be the views of many, saying: “People play video games to get away from everyday life. I don’t want them to mix.” A single thread on the topic has already gotten almost 2,000 comments in less than 24 hours, and the majority appear to be negative.

Check out the story at GigaOm.

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