Sharp To Commercialize Oxide Semiconductor LCD Panels

Sharp To Commercialize Oxide Semiconductor LCD Panels

Sharp Corporation has been researching TFT LCDs using oxide semiconductors for years now. And as noted in their April 21st press release, it seems like the Japanese display maker is ready to start production on the oxide TFT panels before the year is over. Based on a cocktail of oxides (IGZO) consisting of indium, gallium and zinc, these high energy LCDs are known to achieve higher aperture ratios as well as drive ultra-high definition displays (4K x 2K) at 240Hz, credit to increased electron mobility. 

DisplaySearch - Recently, Sharp has been the subject of many news stories and rumors about its LCD business, and the company has tried to take control of the discussion with several announcements. The rapid-fire news emphasizes the challenges the company faces, as well as highlights the technical prowess of the last remaining top tier Japanese LCD maker.

More on Sharp's foray into the IGZO-based LCD panels here.

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