Share Group Photos with Pinweel

Sharing Group Photos with Pinweel

According to Mashable's report, Facebook's recent US$1 billion acquisition of Instagram has incited a handful of users to delete or abandon the app. And given Facebook's less than fastidious approach to user privacy, it's only natural for subscribers to be concerned about the state of their existing photo stash. In a time like this, online services such as Instaport - which helps users export Instagram photos to other social services or a local hard drive - might just benefit from the mild chaos during this transitionary period. 

But for Instagram addicts who want an alternative, and possibly more secure app to fall back on, there is Pinweel to consider among a host of photo-sharing applications on iTunes. In fact, user privacy was foremost on the minds of Pinweel’s co-founders James Tillinghast and Rich Bulman during the design phase. "We believed there was a better way to be able to quickly and easily share photos with groups of friends, and to share photos more privately than you can do on a photo network like Facebook," said Bulman. Essentially, Pinweel is an in-app camera equipped with ten 'retro' filters in all. Like Instagram, it also enables users to upload images to Facebook and Twitter, but has the benefit of a 'private album' option to be shared with friends and families. 

On top of this, Pinweel will soon offer companies the opportunity to build brand channels (who doesn't love a quick buck?) for them to upload product images onto the photo-sharing platform. Launched on March 9th, the free app is now available for download from Apple's App Store. Conversely, Android wielders will have to wait it out just a little bit more. 

Source: Mashable and Pinweel

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