Seven New Panasonic HD Camcorders Announced

Featuring unique 3MOS System Pro, High Sensitivity Sensor, and More

SINGAPORE - Panasonic announces the launch of seven new camcorders as the latest additions to its globally-embraced HD camcorders, to match every lifestyle need. All built to perform with ultimate power, precision and perfection, the entire series is set to reward every shooting experience with spectacular images to last a lifetime.

Integrated across the new products are sophisticated technologies and advanced functions to bring video recording to a whole new level, such as the 3MOS System Pro engine comprising advanced lens, sensor and engine; the Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.) with five-axis correction capability; FullHD 3D recording , viewing features and the Advanced Highlight Playback for quick viewing. In all, these  superior mini machines overcome challenges from low light to hand shake to background noise to give  vivid, sharp images with exceptional audio quality all the time.

HC-X900 and HC-X900M - 3MOS High-Definition Camcorders for Infinite Possibilities

The flagship HC-X900 and HC-X900M totally push the boundaries of video recording, with the new  3MOS System Pro LEICA Dicomar Lens, new Hybrid O.I.S. and the possibility of Full-HD 3D recording to offer precise picture quality and endless fun.

Next-Generation 3MOS System Pro Produces Breathtaking Images Anytime

Panasonic adds the dramatic advances made in lens, sensor and engine technologies to the 3MOS System Pro in the HC-X900 and HC-X900M to produce images of superbly fine quality. Its reengineered F1.5 LEICA Dicomar Lens now comes with bright image rendering, high corner-to-corner resolution and Nano Surface Coating Technology to significantly reduce ghosting and flaring, which minimises distortion and degradation of contrast. The advanced 3MOS Sensor is capable of highspeed processing of massive number of pixels, approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD, due to the pixel shift technology with submicron accuracy, to produce high-detailed images with excellent colour reproduction. The newly-developed, ultra-high speed Crystal Engine Pro II can also dramatically reduce noise by 40% compared to the previous models, to record clear, stunningly beautiful images even in dim lighting.

Hybrid O.I.S. + for Clear Images in All Situations

Anyone can enjoy the ultimate freedom to record videos to their complete satisfaction with the newlyfeatured HYBRID O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser)+ built into the HC-X900 and HC-X900M. In addition to correcting horizontal, vertical, yawing and pitching movements made by the hand while recording, its revolutionary five-axis also takes care of any rolling motions resulting from hand shaking while walking.  In this way, it thoroughly suppresses blurring across the entire zoom range, even for handheld zoom shots in high magnification, to ensure virtually every scene is captured as crisp and beautiful images.

HC-V700, HC-V500, HC-V500M and HC-V100 1MOS High-Definition Camcorders

HC-V700 – Incredibly Beautiful Shots Made Possible

The HC-V700 is a fully trustworthy companion for those who desire perfect shots for every occasion. Be it in normal or dimly-lit conditions, its newly-developed High Sensitivity Sensor dramatically improves image quality such that all scenes are portrayed brightly, crisply, beautifully and with minimal noise. Within its delightfully compact body, the HC-V700 features a 28mm wide angle setting for convenient recording indoors and in tight spaces; Intelligent 46x zoom achieves ultra-telephoto shooting beyond the range of optical 21x zoom level; and the HYBRID O.I.S. + that suppresses blurring across an entire zoom range. By adding a 3D Conversion Lens, this camcorder also supports 3D shooting and livens up old scenes with lifelike depth, texture and leaping effects of 3D. Alternatively, images taken in 2D can also be converted to 3D with the new 2D to 3D Conversion Function.

HC-V500 and HC-V500M – Stylish Companions with Outstanding Performance

Working off a SD card and 16GB built-in memory respectively, the HC-V500 and HC-V500M make every filming episode a blissful experience. Its compact body packs a surprising 50x Intelligent Zoom that employs super-high resolution technology, the Image Processing LSI “Crystal Engine PRO”, to exceed the magnification range of the ordinary optical zoom. This way, faraway subjects are virtually brought up close to fill the entire frame and yield dynamic images. The HYBRID O.I.S. + uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring all the way from wide-angle shots to powerful zoom shots and enable superb effects when shooting while walking. Understanding the need for speed, the HC-V500 and HCV500M features a unique Advanced Highlight Playback function for quick viewing of recorded images.This is achieved by the I.I.S. (Intelligent Index System) that detects zooming, panning, scene changes and faces in recorded images as "highlights" and then automatically playing back the detected highlight scenes, or ones that the user has personally selected, according to a set time interval. Another unique capability of the HC-V500 includes converting 2D images to 3D.

HC-V100 – Lightweight Carry-Around with Long Battery Life

The HC-V100 is a charming compact camcorder aptly lightweight to be brought anywhere, and aptly equipped to fulfill demanding expectations. In addition to its high-quality Full-HD recording capability, the HC-V100 also features an ultra-telephoto 42x zoom shooting and uses an Intelligent Zoom to bring its magnification range beyond the ordinary optical zoom. Foreseeing the likelihood of handshaking due to its lightweight, Panasonic has integrated the POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) inside the HC-V100, to suppress hand movements and preserve image quality. The Active mode further adds to the assurance of clear, beautiful images across the entire range from wide-angle to telephoto. This camcorder also allows continuous recording of up to 165 minutes, eliminating chances of losing precious opportunities during outdoor shooting due to drained battery power.

HC-V10 – Because Everyone Should Discover the Joy of Shooting

A compact camcorder perfect for first-timers and casual users, the HC-V10 features a powerful 63x optical zoom lens with an Enhanced Optical 70x Zoom function; high sensitivity MOS sensor for low-light shooting; POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) for clear, blur-free images; and HD recording in MP4  format or recording in the editing-friendly iFrame format.

Pricing and Availability

The latest line-up of HD camcorders will be available at all Panasonic authorized dealers from April 2012 onwards.

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