See Mario Jump on your Android 2.1 Device

See Mario Jump on your Android 2.1 Device

For all you Android users, here's something for you to geek out with - a live wallpaper that has Mario jumping, eating mushrooms and stomping on gombas. Here's the thing - you can even set the levels for Mario to run through, or even set its AI to handle the difficulty of the level.

Engadget - Seriously, words cannot describe how incredibly entertained we are by this Mario Live wallpaper for Android 2.1 and above devices. All across the home and locked screen, our favorite Italian faux-plumber protagonist runs through randomly-generated levels across various themes like outside, underground, and castle.

Just so you know, live wallpapers are always a huge drain on an Android phone's battery mileage. We shudder at the thought of this Mario live wallpaper decimating the battery in a mere few hours. For instructions on how to get the Mario live wallpaper on your Android 2.1 device, click here.

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